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Ucopia V6 : Multiple CVE used to root the host

2021-03-01 Globadis
Something I hate in my job is that sometimes I have a problem with an appliance, and no easy mean to diagnose it. It’s already bad enough when it’s because those are designed from scratch to be restricted (Looking at you, Cisco and your god-damned IOS), but it’s worst when they are running on a standard Linux/Unix host to which we don’t have access. All the commands I need are right there, I know it, I know what I need to use, where to find it, but I can’t because the editor does not want its users to access operating system underneath. Continue reading

Localisio : a web service to locate public amenities

2021-01-28 Globadis
Where is the closest postbox ? ATM ? Bicylce parking ? Now you’ll know ! Localisio is a web service helping you find some basic public amenities around you (if your GPS is enabled) or around a selected point on the map. Designed at first to locate the nearest post box for my own usage, I expanded its search features to other commonly looked for amenities, sur as ATMs or public drinking water taps. Continue reading

PSK Generator

2020-08-20 Globadis
In my line of work, I sometimes have to rely on Pre-Shared Keys. Be it for VPN configuration, sending crypted archives or changing a customer password, there are times when actually sharing the PSK can be a pain. Of course, anyone who’s been confronted to that know the basics of sending a own-side genereted key to a peer, like sending the secret in multiple parts on different channels, but it’s still a bit tedious and quite frankly unfulfulling. Continue reading

Hello World

2020-08-15 Globadis

For too long now I relied only on either twitter and github to communicate with the world. Neither was really adapted to what I intend to do here : publish structured articles about quite anything.

I’ll probably start by re-publishing docs and how-tos of my previous works, and move on to publish more advanced stuff, as how I discovered security vulnerabilities and the mindset of it.

Stay tuned !